Are there Old Testament Scriptures that mention salvation for the Gentiles?

Q. Are there Old Testament Scriptures that mention salvation for the Gentiles?
A. Yes! Several times within the Torah (first five Books), Goyim or Goy (strangers, foreigners, anyone who is not a Yisra’elite is considered a ‘Gentile’) are extended the same promises, and blessings that are given to Yisra’el if they wish to come into the Camp of Yisra’el (as opposed to ‘the church’). However, this requires that they live under the same laws and requirements placed upon all Yisra’el. This will be the downfall of all those who teach replacement theology, i.e.; the church has replaced Yisra’el. Most who follow that false theory and teaching, are deluded into thinking that all they have to do is ‘profess’ a certain name to be saved, then live just about any way the human mind thinks is right (Pro 14:12). The Ruach (spirit) calls to the hearts and minds of believers today, to leave Babylon (spiritual confusion and man-made false teaching) and return to the ancient paths that we have strayed from so long ago. Our Creators council for each of us is to “choose life” (Dt 30:19), and return to follow his teaching and instruction as found in His Torah.
Ex 12:49; Lev 24:22; Num 15:16, 29