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What did Rav Sha’ul mean when he said that we are “no longer under the Law”?


I offer to you as our understanding and position on this question, the following that has been previously taught by Dr. James Trimm (Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism); In his booklet titled “Freedom in Torah”, and Ch. 3 “Paul Misunderstood”, Beginning on page 13 with, “Works of the Torah” and “Under the Torah”, Dr. Trimm writes :


Much of the confusion about Paul’s teachings on the Torah involves two scripture phrases which appear in the New Testament only in Paul’s writings (in Rom. Gal. & 1Cor.). These two phrases are “works of the Torah” and “under the Torah”, each of which appears 10 times in the Scriptures.

The first of these phrases, “works of the Torah”, is best understood through its usage in Gal 2:16. Here Paul writes:

Knowing that a man is not justified by WORKS OF THE Torah BUT BY FAITH IN Yeshua the Messiah, even we have believed in Messiah Yeshua, that we might be justified by faith in Messiah and not by the WORKS OF THE TORAH; for by the WORKS OF THE TORAH no flesh shall be justified.

Paul uses this phrase to describe a false method of justification which is diametrically opposed to “faith in the Messiah”. To Paul “works of the Torah” is not an obsolete Old Testament system, but a heresy that has never been true.

The term “works of the Torah” has shown up as a technical theological term used in a document in the Dead Sea Scrolls called MMT which says:

Now we have written to you some of the WORKS OF THE TORAH,   those which we determined would be beneficial for you…And it will be reckoned to you as righteousness, in that you have done what is right and good before Him… (4Q394-399) Section C lines 26b-31)

The second of these phrases is “under the Torah”. This phrase may best be understood from its usage in Rom. 6:14, “For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not UNDER THE TORAH but under grace.” Paul, therefore, sees “under grace” and “under the Torah’ as diametrically opposed, one cannot be both. The truth is that since we have always been under grace (see Gen. 6:8; Ex 33:12,17; Judges 6:17f; Jer. 31:2) we have never been “under the Torah”. This is because the Torah was created for man, man was not created for the Torah (see Mk. 2:27). “Under the Torah” then, is not an obsolete Old Testament system, but a false teaching which was never true.

There can be n doubt that Paul sees “works of the Torah” and “under the Torah” as categorically bad, yet Paul calls the Torah itself “holy, just and good” (Rom 7:12), certainly Paul does not use these phrases to refer to the Torah itself.


Therefore since we do not believe in salvation through ‘works of the Torah’ as did the P’rushim of Y’shua’s day and the Rabbinicals of our day, nor do we believe that we have ever been ‘under the Torah’ (which has always been a false teaching) but voluntarily obey it and take it on as ‘His yoke’, out of our love for Him who first loved us; Beit Echad stands in total agreement with this teaching of Dr. Trimm, and thus that of Rav Sha’ul in which we find no conflict of thought in what our Mashiyach has already told us in Jn. 14;15 “If you love me, keep my commandments”.

Rav Sha’ul was a devoted follower of his Adon Y’shua, who was and is El in the flesh that presented Himself to us as a Torah observant Jew and Mashiyach ben Yoseph. He would never teach against Y’shua or His Torah, or change anything that Y’shua said or did.


I’m troubled by many of the comments that I’m seeing which caution against being misled by false prophets, etc. then show a picture of Pharisitical (Rabbinical) Jews! This is misleading in itself, and is a deception rampant in Christian based anti-semitism that considers any form of obedience as ‘legalism’. I am neither an Orthodox Jew or Christian in my belief as a Natsarene Jew, but this is how I see those two groups.

Orthodox Jews do not hide their teachings and traditions, claiming they have been given the power through their Rabbis to re-interpret, add to, or change the Torah as needed. This, and the fact that I would have to surrender my belief in Y’shua as El in the flesh, and our promised Mashiyach (Messiah); is one of several reasons I am not one of them today.

Christians vehemently deny this exists in their denominations when, in fact, they have been steeped in pagan tradition (SUNday, Easter, Xmas, etc.) and the teachings of men (the early ‘church fathers’, Luther, Calvin, and many other modern day variants) since their early beginnings under Constantine.

So when speaking of ‘false prophets’, and those who follow the teaching and traditions of men; let’s let the Bible decide who they are, shall we? And what does the Bible have to say concerning this?

To the Torah and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. Isa 8:20

The Hebrew word that lay behind the English ‘law’, is ‘Torah’. The Torah consists of the first five books of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and even though it is not “The Law” in and of itself, it contains The Law and all 613 Commandments (including The Ten) of it. Torah does not mean ‘Law’; it means ‘teaching, or, instruction’.

Therefore my Christian brothers, if anyone speaks to you but they do not ‘speak according to this word’ (The Word of the Torah and His Testimony), it is because there is ‘no light in them’! Do not follow what they have to say, he, she, or they are, ‘FALSE PROPHETS.’

If they tell you the “Law” is ‘dead’, ‘nailed to the cross’, or that there isn’t any need to keep it because it’s been fulfilled; or they tell you that “we don’t do such and such today because we are now living ‘under grace’.” be careful, be cautious! Why? Because whoever ‘they’ are can be identified as a false Prophet or Prophets who are teaching the commandments of men over the Mitzvot (Commandments) of El (G-d) as found in His Torah. Additionally, His Torah is exactly as He is, eternal in every way.

Strive to walk according to His Word (Torah), and not what someone else tells you unless they are following His Torah. How will you know if they are? You, my friend, just as I and each one of us must study so as not to be deceived or mislead!

He has made you in His image. He has blessed you with a mind and the ability to think and reason for yourself so open your Bible and ‘STUDY TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED’.