Beit Echad is a Natsarene Yahudim Chavurah (Nazarene Jewish Fellowship) open to Jews and Gentiles alike. We are part of a larger effort to restore the faith as it existed in first century C.E. Judea, known as the sect of Judaism called HaNatsarene (Acts 24:5). This Torah observant Jewish sect that followed and taught יהושע (Yeshua) as our Jewish Mashiyach (Messiah), is often described as “early Christian,” which they were not. They were called Christians by the Gentiles at Antioch but never labeled themselves as such. HaNatsarene existed parallel to Pharisaic/Rabbinical Judaism and Christianity up into the 4th-century c.e., with some accounts of them existing as late as the early middle ages. Their existence has been well documented by Jewish and Church Historians of the time. Please see our post titled “Who were the Natsarene?”.

We are NOT A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION. We do not receive tax exemption status from the Federal Government; therefore we are beholding to no one except our Adon, YHWH Y’shuati (B’H). We are self-supporting, however, your most welcome contributions will go toward costs involved with routine office expense, books, C.D.’s, periodic materials, and education required to keep us knowledgeable and capable in our avodah (service) to our Adon (Master), and you. A 10% tithe is paid from all contributions received, which goes to bless the Nation and people of Yisra’el. Todah raba (thank you very much)!

(Information on those who receive our tithe is available on request. All other financial information is of a private and confidential nature and as such is not shared.)

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