Recently, I’ve seen the same questions concerning the dietary laws of clean and unclean as outlined in Wayyiqra (Lv) 11:1-47; Debarim (Dt) 14:3-21; and others. That question concerns the waterfowl, duck or geese. It seems that the Torah does not specifically list them one way or the other, even though the swan is clearly named as being unclean, yet Rabbinical Judaism has no problem listing them with other clean fowl. So why then shouldn’t I include duck or goose in my diet? Well, if you accept the Takanot and Maasim of the Rabbi’s cart blanch as taught within the Talmud, then this will be a non-issue for you; as they have already determined that their teaching takes precedence over Torah Shebikhtav (The Written Torah).

However if we would Just follow along with the pattern of clean and unclean as seen in our Biblical references, the answer to our question becomes obvious regardless of the animal being specifically named or not. 

Notice what makes individual animals unclean, and you will see it is the regular diet of the beast. Most all are scavengers and will eat just about anything and everything dead, (partially or fully), or putrid, and what would typically be considered as the waste of other living creatures. If you are familiar with the normal diet of these waterfowl, common sense would then dictate that duck or goose would fall into that category as they are typically bottom feeders as other unclean waterfowl that are listed.

Now inevitably the question will come up, “what if I raised the animals myself while ensuring that their diet consisted of only ‘clean’ foods, i.e.; fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables?” Well my friend, if that’s what makes an animal Biblically clean, we should be able to apply the same logic to all animals originally listed as ‘unclean’ as long as we make sure they have a clean diet before being eaten by us. That would make the pig, the camel, catfish, shellfish, etc., including all birds of prey; acceptable as ‘clean’ for our consumption and we could do away with that part of Torah!

Whoa, just a minute! I didn’t mean to get that ridicules but I do want you to understand where that type of reasoning comes from and where it goes to.

“There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death”    Mishle (Proverbs) 14:12 TS2009

However, this makes no difference to those who are determined to call black and white gray; so that they can do what they want to do.

Why the debate over such things when the Torah is very clear over what makes an animal unclean, and the reason for our not partaking of it? If you think there is the slightest possibility that Elohim does not want you to consume a bottom feeder, why pursue the question any further? Surely it is not in the interest of walking in Holiness with YHWH (B’H), is it?

So don’t be ‘ducked’ or ‘goosed’! Use the mind YHWH has blessed you with and do not fight against the meaning of His Torah, or spend your time looking for loopholes in it. There are none!