Biblical vs. Pharasitical Calendars







Biblical vs. Pharasitical Calendars

Millinia ago, after the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash in 70 C.E., and during the early years of the change from the Pharasitical to Rabbinical system, the Biblical Calendar was replaced with that of Hillel 2. This Rabbinical system was based on Babylonian mathematical calculations, rather than the empirical evidence of agricultural and astronomical sightings as per the Torah. This evidence had previously been collected and confirmed by the Sanhedrin, then transmitted manually throughout Yisra’el by the now extinct Levitical Priesthood; through the use of signal fire, trumpet (shofar), and word of mouth.

When tens of thousands of Yisra’elites were forcefully deported from Yisra’el to other lands, the diaspora came into being. Occurring prior to the common era and the ‘first rebellion’ against Rome, countless more fled before the death and destruction of the Roman armies during the Second Rebellion, thus adding to the already existing numbers of those previously displaced.

This diaspora, and the need to communicate the new Rabbinical calendar dates with a widely scattered audience was the impetus to the creation of the Orthodox Rabbinical Calendar sys.

Fast forward to our time with the availability of advanced cyber communication, we can now see the Biblical evidence once again, instantly, in real time, wherever we might be on the face of planet earth.

In the effort to restore our walk to the ancient paths laid out for us by Elohim, we may now return to that Biblical calendar of long ago. We can now celebrate the Mo’edim on exactly the correct days as originated by our Creator, so that we may be in perfect ‘sync.’ with The Masters’ clock.

In actuality, it turns out that the Biblical and Rabbinical Calendars are usually very close, sometimes coinciding perfectly. But then there are other problems with the Rabbinical Calendar such as Changes made to the actual Feast Days themselves by the P’rushim during the Babylonian captivity, and the adaptation of Babylonian names and titles for days, months, etc. The Rabbinical Calendar is a man-made calendar, not authorized by Elohim.

In our mind, being back in ‘sync’ with Elohim will always take priority over mans’ reasoning, no matter how close to being correct it may be.

From Michael Roods “The Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar” (Spring 2017-Spring 2018), under the section titled “The Pharisee Calendar”, I offer the following for your consideration when deciding which calendar you will follow;

In 359 C.E., Just before disbanding themselves, the exiled Sanhedrin devised a new calendar system. After the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, the Pharisees replaced the Temple service and the Creator’s appointed times with a “new and improved” religious system – a code of righteousness defined by thousands of man-made commandments and regulated by a new calendar. As head of the fourth-century Sanhedrin, Hillel II borrowed Babylonian mathematical calculations to determine the precise moment that the moon was in “conjunction” with the earth and the sun. This unobservable mathematical moment in time was used to determine the beginning of each month on the new Pharisee calendar. The Pharisees invented additional “postponements” so that they could celebrate their adaptation of the Feasts at their own convenience. They could now plan their religious activities months, years, and even centuries in advance. They completely disregarded the only criterion stipulated by the Almighty for determining the first month of the year – the aviv barley in the land of Israel. The commandment concerning the barley was unmistakably defined so that we would offer the firstfruits of the barley harvest in a prophetically timely fashion and accurately count the omer to arrive at the first day after seven Sabbaths – the 50th day (Pentecost) – the Feast of Shavuot. However, instead of following the Torah’s instructions concerning the barley harvest, the Pharisees arbitrarily added a 13th month seven times every nineteen years, and then altered the method of counting the omer in order to camouflage its Messianic significance and fulfillment by Yeshua.

The Pharisees calculated their new calendar 2/000 years into the future and then admittedly hid the “Book of Genealogies” so that anyone outside their circle would have no way to calculate the correct elapsed time from creation. They changed the “head of the year” (Rosh Hashanah) from the first day of the month of the aviv to the first day of the seventh month (Tishri) and removed 240-1/2 years from the total elapsed time calendar. Only a chosen few would know when the seventh millennium would actually arrive to herald the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble.” The last official act of Hillel ll, the head of the exiled Pharisee Sanhedrin, was to accomplish the very thing about which the prophet Daniel warned: “He shall proclaim commandments opposing the Almighty and continually harass the saints of the most High, and calculate to change (appointed) times and (Torah) Laws” (Daniel 7:25). Through the institution of the new Pharisee calendar, the appointed times of YeHoVah were officially nullified and systematically replaced by the appointed times of men.”

We have been duped and lied to for centuries by both Jewish and Christian leaders and it is an absolute miracle that through this grand campaign of misinformation and false teaching foisted on us by satan and his minions, through mortal men, His Truth continues to shine through for those who seek it! Thank you, Father, for your unchanging and eternal truth that no man can ever change!