Have you noticed an increased level of personal attack upon fellow believers lately? I’ve noticed that it appears in the individual as a form of negativity, which if left unchecked, grows to a deep depression that seems to attract others upon the way. This ‘depression’ is not only bad for the individual affected, but for the spiritual body as well and needs to be checked as soon as possible to minimize ‘collateral damage’.

If I were to sit above my social media feed and look down upon all the different activity going on here and there, I would be able to pick out at least two very large ‘pity parties’ going on, with one growing to epic proportions! And this is among believers that are not new to the faith!

Now I am not a psychologist, but I do know enough about our faith to recognize most traps that our enemy has in his arsenal, and depression is one that he frequently uses to discourage those who ‘love Him and keep His Commandments’.

Look back to your faith during those times. Look at our father Abraham in this last weeks Torah Parashah, who after being circumcised set in the door of his tent during the hottest part of the day looking for a passerby that he might entertain and provided for!

It would have been so easy just to lay back in the physical pain he must have been suffering, and just say “if anyone knocks on the door, I’m not home!” It would have been easy for him to say “oh look at me, such a wretched man who can’t do what he wants to do. Feel sorry for me!” But what did he do? He RAN to greet the strangers, and Ran to select an animal from his herd for their meal!

Now if Abraham could do that in the midst of a problem that could easily cause anyone to be depressed, what can we do who now have all these lessons of a Living Torah before us to draw from?

It would seem that the solution to our problem of depression lies outside of ourselves. It would seem that the example given to us by Abraham would be to sit in the door of your tent and look for someone you can welcome and provide for, thus alleviating two problems at once!

Our Heavenly Father loves us, and knows our every sorrow, doubt, and pain; but in that love, He gives us an obvious way to help ourselves, and that is through helping others! So, get up and get busy. Let’s see, who can I help today, tomorrow, the day after?