Shabbat Shalom Mishpochah

9/15/2018 9:30 AM

Let us, having become as One New Man and being ‘echad’ (one) with Him and each other; ascend His High and Holy Mountain this Shabbat. As His ‘Living Word’ lifts our steps to shouts of “Hoshana, Hoshana, Baruch Haba B’shem YHVH Y’shuati” (“Save Now, Save Now, Blessed Be He Who Comes In The Name of YHVH, Our Salvation”), may all praise, honor, and glory be to HaMelech Malchei HaMlachim”, (The King who is Over All kings). Feel and see the very power of that Glory through the blast of shofar and trumpet, the sound of harp and tambourine.

This is our prayer Melech Y’shua, that all those things that separate us from your presence on Shabbat would be set aside in order that we can truly become as one with You and each other on this day that You have called Kadosh, Holy, Separate and Set-Apart. The Day that is the Seventh and last day of your weekly cycle, the one day that You Abba have rested on from all your work and called it the mark and sign of your called out and set-apart people, is today become our glory and refuge.

Hoshana, Hoshana, Baruch Haba B’shem YHVH Y’shuati! May His Shalom and great Simcha be yours today; may your heart and spirit be lifted to new heights of spiritual enlightenment on this Shabbat, the Crown of His Creation and Salvation as we go up to Y’rushalayim, up to The House of YHVH Elohenu (B’H).





Beit haMikdosh