Of late, I’ve been seeing more posts than ever concerning “The Rapture”. People want to know when is it going to take place? I might be wrong, but I don’t see any reference in the bible to the return of Mashiyach ‘In That Day’, as some kind of ‘Rapture’.

The commonly used texts to support this ‘theory’ of a ‘rapture’ instead of a resurrection as taught by the P’rushim (Pharisees of Y’shuas time) and the sect of Judaism called HaNatsarene; can be found in Mat. 24:40 and Lk. 17:36. I have always looked upon these texts to mean that not everyone is going to make it into the Kingdom, then someone came along and tried to explain to me just how those two texts form the foundational principal of, and belief in, “The Rapture”. My first thought at that time, as it continues to be to this day, is that someone with quite an imagination, inspired by an ‘unfamiliar spirit’, had to make a gigantic stretch to get from here, to there!

I find no supporting evidence in the Bible, or within the history and teachings of Judaism, that shows a belief in some kind of ‘rapture’, instead of a resurrection. This adds support to the understanding that this theory is a creation of 19th century Christianity.

The deliverance of B’ney Yisra’el, The Children of Yisra’el, from the bondage of slavery of Egypt, into The Promised Land, has been the predominate shadow picture and example of our corporate transformation from the mortal, to the immortal. The picture painted for us is one of the Yisra’el of YHVH, the seed of Abraham and those who have been adopted into the family of Elohim, who as a group and at one time ‘cross over’ into the Heavenly Kingdom (The Promised Land). Never do we see Yisra’el separated into two groups at a time repeatedly referred to in Scripture as ‘In That Day’, with some crossing over but others left behind where they receive a second chance for redemption at the end of a seven-year period called ‘the tribulation’!

Also, I’ve noticed a change in the title of this ‘man-made’ concept. As I recall, it was once commonly referred to as “THE SECRET RAPTURE”. Would anyone care to bring me up to speed on this, like, when did this change occur and why is it no longer a secret?

In conclusion, without being rooted in the firm foundation of the Tanakh, and specifically Torah, we can find ourselves adrift in a turbulent sea of man-made theories and conclusions based upon the circular reasoning of a primarily New Testament only Biblical view. This view forms the foundation of the theory called the ‘ (Secret) Rapture’. This existing theory is completely at odds with the Scriptural foundation of a Resurrection as taught prior too, during, and after the first advent of Y’shua HaMashiyach.