Praise Elohim! What a great time we live in now as we are being blessed with these precious gems of knowledge and understanding in His Word. They have been hidden from men for millennia until SUCH A TIME AS THIS! We now understand exactly how Yahudah and Ephraim will be reunited, and what we are called to do in these last days. I pray that we are all willing participants in this reunification of the Fallen Tabernacle of Melech David!

So what is it that we have learned, what knowledge have we gained that has been right in front of us, but not fully understood until recently? For one thing, we have discovered we have been horribly wrong in our thinking, that our goal is to convert Jews to Christianity! And from the perspective of the Jewish side of things, Christians are not the enemy; they are our long lost brethren of ‘The House of Yisra’el’ who were taken into captivity, physically removed from Samaria; then driven North and West as they were totally assimilated into the Goyim.

This assimilation is part of a much larger plan, a plan that has existed prior to Creation, a key part of the ongoing Salvation of Kol Yisra’el (All Israel), and mankind. How? By this blending of Hebrew blood within the blood of the Goyim, the Zera (seed) of Abraham has gone out into ALL THE NATIONS AND PEOPLES OF THE EARTH. The Ruach HaElohim is now calling to that blood to come home, to make Teshuvah, and return to the Torah that the House of Yisra’el had turned their backs on so long ago. This is why so many Christians have become interested in, and had their love kindled for their brethren of the House of Yahudah (Jews). This is why a certain sect of Orthodox Rabbinical Judaism has been looking for the return of the Ten Tribes of the Northern Kingdom; aka, The Lost Ten Tribes, The House of Yisra’el, The House of Yoseph, or Ephraim.

The need to convert Jews to Christianity does not exist and has never existed. However, If you are convinced that Jews or anyone for that matter, must accept Y’shua, or j.c. to be saved, you must be able to prove it through the Tanakh, which is the only verified, written witness. Don’t waste your time attempting to prove that point if your proof comes from the same unconfirmed texts that your witness comes from, the K.N. or N.T. (that’s called circular reasoning and we’ve been shooting ourselves in the foot with that method of proof for too long now!). They (Yahudah), will see Y’shua HaMashiyach IN HIS TIME, which has already begun.

We are at the beginning of this epic era when the blinders are beginning to come off of Judah. Recognition of who Yoseph and his children are is fuelling the almost fanatical efforts of the ‘anti-missionaries’, who are in a total ‘Mode of Protection‘, while foaming at the mouth in what could be best described as a ‘Huge Knee-Jerk Reaction’ to a great Spiritual Awakening!. My friends, stop wasting time trying to evangelize and convert them. Instead, teach Torah to those coming into the camp of Yisra’el from Christianity. These are they whom we need to be spending our valuable time with! If you don’t feel comfortable yet sharing Torah with a newbie, introduce them to your Torah teacher. They are thirsting for the knowledge you have been blessed with, while our brothers of Yahudah know YHVH as Y’shuati, their Savior; THEY DON’T NEED ANOTHER ONE! If you are trying to convert Jews, stop! They will be driven to jealousy by the TORAH OBSERVANT LIFESTYLE OF THE GOYIM who are returning as did the Prodigal Son.

The Ultra-Orthodox of Chabad are and have been, looking for and expecting, a massive reunification with their missing brothers of the lost tribes of Beit Yisra’el (The House of Yisra’el), for some time now. What they haven’t fully realized yet is that their long lost brothers are, and have been existing out there primarily in pagan Christianity. The more that observant followers of Y’shua are recognized for their Torah Lifestyle, the sooner they will be accepted. The sooner the two sticks of Yehezqel 37 are brought together as one IN HIS HAND, and the sooner Mashiyach will Return!

If you have wondered about your part in the restoration of the Jewish Sect called HaNetzarim, or, about learning more about who we are and what we teach, wonder no more! This is our calling, this is what it’s all about, this is our mission now as it was during the first century C.E. Please join us in this exciting end times prophetic event now taking place over the face of this world! The reunification of Kol (All) Yisra’el.

In the Talmud of Y’shua, as recorded by His Talmidim in the Ketuvim Netzarim, we read:

Mattithyahu 10:5-6 (TS2009)
יהושע sent these twelve out, having commanded them, saying, “Do not go into the way of the nations, and do not enter a city of the Shomeronim, but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Yisra’ĕl.

Matt 15:24 (TS2009)
And He answering, said, “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Yisra’ĕl.”