THE PATH הנתיב


What I would like to know is how do I explain the truth to someone who is caught up into teachings of the Babylonian church? To be honest, I would like to articulate a letter to the Pastor of why I left. I have tried several times and I always digress for there are many, many other reasons why I chose the narrow path.


First of all, we need to recognize that we are not on the same playing field that our xian brothers and sisters are on. Without doing that, we will find ourselves gradually becoming more and more frustrated with the feeling of “why can’t they see what I see? After all, it is right there in front of them, Isn’t it?”

Secondly, the path that you and I and many others have embarked upon is in answer to a calling of the Ruach HaKadosh. I have found that in most cases, those who respond to this call are responding without any external influence. In other words, they are not responding to an evangelistic call from the pulpit, T.V. ministry, or contact from a door to door or street corner evangelist. Usually, the one called, does not know there are others who have been called in the same manner, nor do they have much of any idea what they’re going to do next. They just know that what they are being presented with in the pew, does not match what they are reading in their Bibles, which in turn causes them to question what they are being fed, and that ultimately leads to unsatisfactory, or no answers, to their questions!

During my last position as a Messianic Rabbi, we did not advertise other than a listing in the Yellow Pages with the name, address, phone number and meeting times for our fellowship. In one month, the fellowship grew by over thirty new members, each one through the same method as you, and I. The Ruach HaKadosh had called them and Elohim blessed all in the process!

The call to make teshuva (repent and return to the Torah they abandoned so long ago), is part of the Biblical ingathering of the Last days when Yetzeki’el 37 will be realized. The House of Yisra’el will be restored and joined with the House of Yehudah; as one (echad) in His hand.

I believe that Beit Yisra’el today, can be found in the xian kirch, and that the Ruach is calling to that drop of Yisra’elite blood flowing through the veins of each one of them. You can see the identity of Beit Yisrael exhibited in xianity every day, through their complete disregard of, and animosity toward, the Torah. It is their continued rebellion that brought YHVH to write them a ‘get’ (a bill of divorcement) as seen in Hoshea 1&2. Thankfully though, we find in the same verses the promise that He will ‘meet them in the wilderness’ and forgive them of their sins!

The thing that we need to do is to be prepared in season and out to have a reason for our faith. We accomplish this through knowledge and use of the Scripture (Tanakh), the same way it was taught during the time of Y’shua.We can be ready to answer those who have unanswered questions., and welcome them back to the Yisra’el of YHVH.

Presenting Truth to those not ready to receive it usually evolves downward into a confrontation, and we should never attempt to debate them into realizing the error of their ways. That does not serve the purposes of Elohim. Pray for them that they will hear that still small voice, and listen to the call of the Ruach to return to their first love. Amen!

May Peace and Joy be yours now and forever!

יהי שלום שלו ושמחה להיות שלך עכשיו לנצח!