Sunday, August 13, 2017

I posted this question on my Facebook page recently, and received several interesting and challenging questions, along with some very good answers. I thank each one of you who participated! One of the more interesting of these I believe, is as follows;

I heard a Jewish rabbi, who is a believer, berate his congregation regarding this very issue. He pointed out that many of us who have come to embrace our Hebrew Roots did so after years of believing in Je-us. He said that now that we have arrived, we want to leave Je-us at the door when He was the One who led us there in the first place. Yeshua knows who His sheep are and we know His voice. Once we come to the realization that we are to obey the mitzvot we also know what His real Name is. If we know Jesus is/as Yeshua, then the issue is mute.”

First of all, if it’s one thing I’ve learned in this walk, it’s that finding two Rabbi’s that agree on anything is so rare a phenomenon, that if you were to find them, you would have to call it ‘a miracle’ (although a little scary)!

The reference to a Rabbis’ comment on leaving j.c. at the door, when it was a belief in him (threw that name), that had brought you to this heightened level of spirituality and Scriptural knowledge and understanding in the first place, doesn’t make any sense at all!

Here are my thoughts on this. Fortunately, as an ex-xian and a Jewish follower of our Jewish Mashiyach Y’shua, I heard His ‘still small voice’, calling us out of the pagan kirch and its pagan teachings, to include the realization that He would never lead us into pagan thought and teaching, nor would he ever teach us to call Him by a pagan name. The names J-sus and Y’shua are not interchangeable, J-sus means nothing in Hebrew, whereas the Aramaic name Y’shua means salvation and its’ rendering in Hebrew is Y’hoshua (Yah Saves, or In Yah There is Salvation). He would never call us out of Babylon, just to keep one foot over the fence into it by considering a pagan name to be somehow equal to His Own Set-Apart name, that was Y’shua/Yehoshua prior to xianity, and continues to be for all eternity.

He knows the beginning to the end of all things, and we, as sheep of His pasture; know the loving voice of our Shepherd. He has never called us into spiritual Babylon with its bastardization of the Holy Name; coupled with intentional bias and corruption of His Word that leads us away from all truth, instead of to it; and its’ replacement theology teaching that they are ‘Spiritual’ and not Literal Yisra’el’. So if He did not call us into the fuzzy theology of xianity, who did?

These teachings are signs of the ‘evil one’, the ‘great deceiver’. Deception, half-truths, and outright lies that have been taught for so long they are accepted as ‘gospel truth’! This would include the teaching that we must accept and confess the pagan name J.C. to be saved, which for some strange reason was never in the Holy Words of the Tanakh; but can only be found in ‘the new dispensation’ of the ‘new’ covenant.

I must ask, why is that? Is it because YHVH Y’shuati forgot to tell us something in the Tanakh? Is it because we have been taken to a new level of spiritual enlightenment, for the ‘new age’? Is it because YHVH realized that no one alive could, or would be able to, observe Torah so jc has come to remove that burden from our backs? Didn’t j.c. nail the law to the cross, delivering us from the bondage and legalism required of those who observe the law? It surely must have been, BECAUSE Y’SHUA, OUR TORAH OBSERVANT JEWISH MASHIYACH WOULD NEVER HAVE DONE OR SAID ANYTHING AGAINST TORAH, OR HIS FATHER YHVH WHO SENT HIM!

In order for us, who have come out of Babylon, to accept the idea that YHVH Y’shuati called us to join with it (Babylon), with the hope that we would finally and eventually realize the false teachings we were vowing to ‘keep and do’ were actually there for our benefit, that they should not be cast out thoroughly, and completely, but should be recalled with affection because THEY LEAD US TO THE TRUTH, is not only anti-Torah, not based in the Tanakh, and Blaspheming the Sacred Name of the Father and Son; It IS A LUDICROUS PROPOSITION. 

We who have come out, are thankful that our eyes have been opened, and know that others will follow. Our anxiousness to learn Hebrew, Torah, and Truth is in many ways only exceeded by our effort to unlearn the lies, false teachings, and pagan names we have been taught for what has been generations in many families. YHVH Y’shuati has never called us to join with Babylon and learn her ways to get to where we are, it was the old serpent, satan, that bears that responsibility! 

Is it possible that YHVH Y’shuati may have lead other believers to this Truth we now hold so dear, without sending them through the road to Babylon first? If so, they wouldn’t have to continue offering reverence to a pagan name they had never known in the first place. Yes, of course it is not only possible, it is a reality. There are those, as we have been told, who have never bowed the knee to Ba’al. Melakim Aleph (1 Kings) 19:18, Romiyim (Rm.) 11:4.

I would agree with the Rabbi noted in our original question, that there is no need to leave j.c. at the door; with this caveat; just don’t bring him to the door in the first place!

Shalom Aleichem