Group Rules of Participation (Revised 06/10/17)

Beit Echad (House of Unity) is a virtual Netzarim Yahudim Chavurut (Nazarene Jewish Fellowship) and Beit Midrash (House of Study). Our mission is to join with like-minded believers in the restoration of the faith as it was known during the 1st century C.E.; a ‘Sect’ of Judaism (Acts 24:5) who were, and are, Torah Observant followers of Yehoshua (Y’shua), our very Jewish and Torah Observant Messiah and King of Yisra’el.

There are certainly many historical, Biblical, and religious markers that give us an understanding of who the original Netzarim were, what they taught and believed in, that are well documented and indisputable. Naturally, since we are over two thousand years away from the original, there are areas that must be pieced together by some good old fashioned and unbiased detective work.

We say “That’s o.k. we’ll be unbiased, let’s do some detective work!” Really? today with our own individual beliefs based on teachings from our fathers that in many cases just don’t hold up to close scrutiny, combined with our twenty-first century perspective on a lifestyle that is totally alien to us; that is, the lifestyle of the first century c.e. Middle Eastern Jewish followers of Y’shua, there is a huge mountain of things that must happen for us to arrive at a point that we can honestly say, “I’m unbiased enough to begin learning what it meant, and what it means to be a Netzarim Yahudim.

So how are we to be honest and objective in our search for the truths that have been covered by time?

For us to be good researchers and detectives we must ‘un-learn’ most everything we have been taught or learned on our own through the eyes of modern Western Religion and proceed as students of an ancient society, immersing ourselves as much as possible into its’ history, culture, and language, along with all of the everyday components that made it what it was.

Group Rules of Participation: Your first posts to the group must be approved by the group admin, prior to posting, after that, you will be allowed to post as usual under the following guidelines.

Who is welcome to participate in our Chavurut (Fellowship)? 

Netzarim Yahudim, Netzarim Yisra’el, Christians (of all types), Jews (of all types), and anyone who might wish to learn about our teachings and beliefs; subject to the following criteria which may or may not change at any time, and subject to the administrator (s) decision:

  1. All group participants are required to be civil and respectful to each other, even though they may disagree; in other words, disagreement is acceptable, as long as it’s not disagreeable.
  2. Foul language in any form will not be permitted, including name calling.

If you are Jewish and you are religious or not, you are welcome here. If you have come to learn about your Jewish Messiah, Y’shua, you are welcome here. You will not be welcomed here if you have come as an anti-missionary to debate our beliefs, or because you think we are Jews for J-sus or some other Messianic Christian Group, etc., This is not the place for you and YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE by the group admin.

If you are Christian you are welcome here if you have come to learn about our beliefs and teachings. We are not Jewish Christians and will not accept or allow you to teach us your belief, as many of us have already come out of the false teachings of Babylon, and do not wish to return. If that describes you, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE by group admin.

If you are an anti-Semite or exhibit the slightest tendency toward support of an anti-Semitic ideology, YOU WILL NOT BE TOLERATED for an instant. YOU WILL BE immediately SHUT OUT FROM THIS GROUP by the admin. And will not be allowed to return.

If you are disrespectful to other group members, use foul language, do not show proper respect to HaShem, you will be warned once only. If it happens again, your membership will be reviewed by the group admin.

If you are a ‘Flat Earth’ disciple, or teach any other calendar than the one established by Elohim (7 day weekly cycle, 7th day Shabbat, first phase of new moon is Rosh Chodesh, Abib barley in conjunction w/new moon establishes first month of the Biblical Calander), you are in the wrong group and will be asked to leave if you are here to teach or promote your cause.

If you have come to tell us that we need to study the Bible more so that we can share your point of view, or that if we disagree with your teaching, we do not have a relationship with the Ruach HaKodesh, You will be asked to leave by the Admin. We teach that there is only One who is perfect and only One who knows the beginning to the end of all things. However, there is a day coming unlike any other, when we will all see clearly; when we shall see Him face to face; when Kol Yisra’el will once more be united, when Elohim will awaken the dry bones in the valley too new life, when at the sound of the shofar the dead in Mashiyach Y’shua will be raised to live again, and those who are alive at the time and living for YHVH Y’shuati will be caught up with them in the air, to dwell with the Melech HaYisra’el, when we will be One with Him as He is with us, when every question man has asked concerning his understanding of the D’var HaElohim (Word of Elohim), will be answered, when every answer will be confirmed or corrected.

Until then our goal is to give our members and followers the opportunity to study, share, discuss, and learn from each other, concerning Torah, the Writings of the Netzarim (Ketuvim Netzarim, K.N.) and the Holy One of Yisra’el. Questions, comments, or suggestions are always welcome! Be blessed as we travel in the Spirit, up to Y’rushalyim, up to the House of YHVH Elohenu! Amen

Shalom Aleichem!