The Ketuvim Netzarim (K.N., Writings of the Jewish Sect called Nazareans Acts 24:5, also labeled the N.T. by the Roman Church), does not take precedence over the Tanak (O.T.). Everything Y’shua taught in the K.N., was an affirmation of what He had already said to Yisra’el in Torah. Remember that He never changes, and there is no contradiction to be found in Him, nor was there any to be found in His Talmidim (students). We must test all things by Torah (first five books of the O.T., Torah=teaching or instruction, not ‘law’, which it does contain), which has been confirmed as accurate by the Dead Sea Scrolls. In doing so we show no sign of being against Y’shua and His teaching in the K.N., rather we prevent ourselves from being misled!

If what we read is not in agreement with the Tanak, and specifically Torah, then it is either;

1. Misunderstood by us.
2. A poor translation of the original text.
3. A deliberate translational error (usually Anti-Semitic), by early Greek and Latin scribes (and later English) in support of Church doctrine.

Much of the false teaching we see today stems from our tendency to throughout the perceived ‘restrictions’ of Torah to obey some much more ‘agreeable’ church doctrine.

When examined in the Light of Torah, we find that particular doctrine supported only by a misunderstood or translational error based in the N.T., and created by a Greco/Romanish/Western understanding of a Torah-less, fair skinned, blue eyed, blond hair Germanic/European G-d.; can not stand up to the Test.

It is obedience to Y’shua Ben Elohim, and His Torah, that gives us freedom from deception. Using only the N.T. to understand the clear teaching of Y’shua and His Talmidim is called ‘circular reasoning.’ In other words, using your proof to prove itself.

My suggestion would be to take off the denominational blinders, and challenge each one of your closely held beliefs by taking them, and thoroughly challenging them through a study of the Tanakh. If your understanding is correct, then you should find it supported by His Word; if not, then be prepared to change your belief. By freely doing so you will not be misled, and your faith will be strengthened!