Within the pages of the Tanakh[1] and the Ketuvim Netzarim, [2] we are repeatedly presented with the ‘oneness’ of scriptural teaching and understanding. When one meditates upon the complete and total unity of mind, body, and purpose with our Creator and Redeemer; oneness with Elohim, His Memra (Word/Lessor YHVH), and His people (Yisra’el) become tangible and attainable. Our souls are set free in obedience to Abba YHVH, and nothing can separate us as long as we follow the lead of His Ruach (Spirit). Lack of division, dogma, and sectarianism; will become overwhelmingly apparent. We can, and will, find the Mayim Chayim (Living Water) that we long for, a heart filled with humility, love, and compassion for each other; and a mind given all the wisdom needed for the furtherance of His Holy Kingdom.

Further, if we use the Torah[3] as our basis of understanding for the entire D’var haElohim[4] (Word of our El), in its original language, it comes together completely and without conflict of thought, including the teachings of Rabbi Shaul (Paul)!

It is truly a beautiful and awesome revelation, a breath of fresh air, to view scripture in the understanding of “oneness” of thought and action[5]. There is no conflict of being to be found in the Holy One of Yisra’el; there can be no contradiction in His Word. YHVH is perfect in all His ways, and His D’var is unchanging; it stands forever[6]! Amen?

The only conflicts we face, is our interpretation of the attempted translations of the original Hebrew/Aramaic texts into Greek and Latin, then into the old English of King James, then into the vernacular of today. This is what you might say is a very twisted and tortuous path! Translational errors have been multiplied by scribes who did not have command of the Hebrew/Aramaic language, and more importantly, the Hebraic mindset hidden behind the words of the original documents. In some cases, these translations were completed with unapologetic bias and rampant anti-Semitism. All of this brutality to His Word has been going on since Antioch and continuing on to modern times. All of this as needed to support church dogma and doctrine!

Y’shua, our very Jewish Mashiyach, did not come to create a new religion! It is the father of all lies who has lead misguided efforts to disassociate the Faith once Handed to The Saints from its’ Hebraic Roots, and present it as a confusing and divided religion of various pagan deities all vying for something that is not theirs! To go anywhere in spiritual oneness with the El of Yisra’El, and Y’shua (the manifestation of the Father in the form of a man) we must divest ourselves of everything we were once taught in Christianity or Rabbinical Judaism and start over. Learn Hebrew/Aramaic, the original languages of the Tanakh. Trust nothing that does not conform to His Torah, but view all things through its’, and thus, His eyes.

To return to the teachings of our Father, restoring the ancient paths[7] once walked by Y’shua and the Twelve is very simple, although stepping out of ‘the box,’ and your comfort zone may be difficult. Be prepared to challenge long-held beliefs through the litmus test of the Tanach! Why? Because our fathers have certainly inherited lies[8], and truths long covered are now being brought to light.

“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” 1Th. 5:21. Let me give an example of ‘proving.’ a teaching. Most Christian denominations teach that the 7th day Sabbath was changed by Y’shua and is now the 1st day of the week or ‘Sun’-day. Study your bible and try to prove that teaching is correct from the Word of YHVH. Do not try to make it say something that it does not. Just simply accept the straightforward “Thus Saith YHVH,” then ‘do’ His Word; Tehillim (Ps.) 103:20

Let us be One with YHVH Y’shuati (YHVH our Salvation), in Spirit and Truth as we go up to Zion, up to The House of YHVH Elohenu! Lift your hands in praise through song and dance to Our Father and our King! HalleluYah.

Baruch Haba B’Shem YHVH Y’shuati!


[1] TANAKH: Hebrew acronym for; Torah (Ta), Naviem (na-Prophets), Ketuvim (Kh-writings). Very AntiSemitecly named “The Old Testament” by the church father, Jerome.

[2] Ketuvim Netzarim – a Netzarim description of the writings (Ketuvim) of the Talmidim (students) of Y’shua, who were called The Jewish Sect of The Netzarim or Nazareans (Acts 24:5). It is also called the Brit Chadasha, Renewed Covenant or New Testament. Again, the ‘church approved scrolls of HaKetuvim Netzarim,’ with much of its’ Jewish Heart stripped away.

[3] Torah: First five books of the Tanakh. Torah = Teaching or Instruction. It is not the ‘Law’ but contains the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments that include ‘The Ten.’) It has also been incorrectly labeled ‘The Law of Moses,’ which it is not. It is the Teaching or Instruction of Elohim which was given to Moshe for Kol (All) Yisra’el to share with the Goyim (Nations of the world).

[4] El=Mighty One; Elohim= (Plr.) Mighty Ones. Elohim=Our Mighty Ones.

[5] Gal. 3:28-29.

[6] D’varim 8:3; 1Chr. 16:15; Tehillim (Ps.) 18:30; 105:8;

[7] YermiYahu (Jr.) 18:15

[8] YermiYahu (Jr.) 16:19