Pesach 5777 / 2017

Pesach, as we all know, will be arriving sooner than we think. Now is the time (if you have not already done so), to begin your preparations. As for the timing of Pesach, Beit Echad subscribes to the “Astronomically & Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar” as found at Simply put, all the Feast dates spin off the establishment of the 1st day of the Biblical Year, which can only occur when the first stalks of the Spring barley harvest in Yisra’el are declared ‘Abib’ (ripe for the harvest/pronounced Aviv) followed by the sighted new moon over Y’rushalyim. That evening will bring with it the month of the Abib; and 10 days later, the selection of the Pesach Lamb. Four days later, Abib 14 is Pesach (not a Shabbat/unleavened bread to be consumed on Pesach), followed by 1st day Unleavened Bread (U.B.) on Abib 15 (a no work at all Shabbat), which is a 7 day Feast ending on Abib 21 (also a no work at all Shabbat). Also, the 1st day after the weekly 7th day Shabbat during Chag HaMotzi (Feast of U.B.), is a one day Feast called Chag HaBikkurim, or, Feast of First Fruits. It is from this day that the count of 50 days or 7 Shabbats begins that lead to Chag HaShavuot or Pentecost.

PESACH 2017 DATES OF OBSERVANCE (mark your calendar):

If the barley is Abib, followed by the Crescent moon when it is expected this year, Abib 1 will be sundown March 30. Pesach will begin sundown of Apr. 11 and will continue to sundown of April 12, at which time Chag HaMotzi begins and is a no work at all Shabbat until sundown of April 13. The last day of U.B., concluding the 7 days of U.B. (another no work at all Shabbat) begins the evening of April 12th, and concludes sundown April 13.

These dates may or may not conform to the Orthodox Rabbinical Calendar as seen noted on our current Gregorian Calendar. The method of calculating the month of Abib existed long before the Babylonian captivity, and the establishment of Rabbinical Judaism; which occurred after the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash by Rome in 70 C.E. Due to the diaspora, and the inability to communicate with scattered Yisra’el, the Rabbinical Civil, and Religious Calendars were established. As part of the restoration of all things, we are now able to communicate instantly, around the world; so that we are able to return to the ‘Ancient Paths’, and the restored Biblical Calendar!


We have until the first day of unleavened bread to remove the leaven from our homes and dwelling places, and traditional sources call for noon on Pesach to ensure all the leaven is out before the onset of 1st day U.B..

More To Come:
Understanding the Prophetic Symbols and Hidden Meanings of the Abib and Pesach, holding the Lamb of the Sacrifice for four days, The Sacrifice, The offering of First Fruits and the Resurrection, Leaven in the home, 3 days and 3 nights in the tomb; these topics and more coming, as we prepare to partake of the Lamb of Sacrifice.