From a Post on Facebook found in”Torah Life Ministries”

I would like to introduce myself since I am new to the group and fairly new the the Truth of our salvation Yeshua.

When I was five years old I had taken the opportunity to get saved by myself alone at home while watching a 700 club broadcast on my little black and white TV set. I was often left home alone and would go days without food and protection. When I heard that there was somebody that is always with me and loved me, it meant a lot to me and I wasn’t going to ignore it and what he had done for me. My father was a drug dealer and a biker who often left me alone or with random strangers and for years he was physically and mentally abusive. At such a young age God found me and I truly believed with all my heart he was with me always ( as there were several dangerous things that happened that only he could be given credit for saving my life) and I would pray nightly that I would be delivered from his home to another just like the people of Egypt were delivered to another land of their own.

As I got older I started to loose faith in him even though I knew what he had already done for me. As things got worse I started to curse him and question him until finally I turned my back on him and became my own father. Then one night my father threw me on the streets- I was only 13 at the time. With nowhere to go I lived in the cold winters of Michigan in abandoned railway stations and miniature house models at a lumber yard called Erb Lumber. This went on for almost a year until one night I was so hungry I couldn’t take it anymore. I asked a lady at a local bakery for food- and she said “child don’t you have anyone you could call?” Instantly God came into my mind and I felt horrible for what I had done- I remembered that he had always been there for me as long as I sought him. I realized that I could not blame him for my life when I shut the door to begin with. So I asked him to forgive me and as I cried out to him I knew he was listening. I went to a payphone and dialed 911 and told them everything and told them I nowhere to go but didn’t want to return back to my father. They came and picked me up and took me to the police station. The police station already knew me well because they had several child abuse cases on me in the past. That night I met my first foster home. I went through about ten of them before I came into the home that God wanted me to. When I got there the father was heading to work and asked me if I wanted to go with him to get to know him. When we pulled up it was Erb Lumber- he was the boss of the company. My jaw dropped and I looked at him and started to cry. He said are you ok? I told him that I had been sleeping on his business property for some time- and that is when it dawned on me that God had been with me the whole time- guiding me to my new father. He had lead me just like he did his people out of Egypt. He had answered my prayers and I was too busy in woe to notice. From that day forward I never turned my back to him and I continued to believe. However something started to bother me as an adult.

As an adult I knew I loved God but knew something about Christians bothered me. I also noticed I would get upset when I would hear them pray in Jesus name. It also bothered me that they told me that the Old Testament was just a history book, and that you didn’t need to follow it. I couldn’t understand why my spirit was so moved by this behavior. I had decided it must be the devil trying to push me away from him again so I prayed hard about it.

I decided to sign up for a Christian collage for my bachelors program so that I would have the ability to fully understand my Bible. That is when I found the truth. I had to write an essey based on what I felt about Christianity. After taking two years of it I had moved further and further from my belief in it although I loved God and it was very confusing for me. I wrote my essey with truth I found in scripture. My professor was so angry that he gave me an F. Another professor told me that my paper resembled that of others he had seen before and that he felt I should look into Messianic Faith. I told him there is no way I could be that as I was not born a Jew. He said Lisa read your scripture again, and pray on it. I looked and found that we are all children of Israel both born and through spirit. All of a sudden things started to make sense and the scriptures became like food for me. I could not go without it. For doing so now meant death to me. I cried out to God one night after receiving my F on my essey- I told him that I was scared to admit that I didn’t believe in his Christians anymore and that I knew there was more and if he wanted me to know him to please revel the TRUTH to me so that I can accept his salvation in HIS NAME! I told him I needed to know his name so I didn’t get thrown to my death. He answered me just days later.

I decided to YouTube the word Messianic Jew. That is when I found brother Paul and found out there was a whole other world of believers like me out there all around me! But the most important part is, he revealed his name to me! The only name that will give me salvation! I was so moved in my heart I cried with joy- I have now been watching for about seven weeks now on Sabbath and trying to learn all the laws Yah has commanded of me- not just the Ten. Funny thing is, that even as a Christian I never studied my Bible like I do now even with as much faith I claimed to have- because as a Christian all you need is faith as small as a mustard seed and to take Jesus into your heart and life, abide by the Ten and your good to go.

Anyhow I know this was long- but let this be my testimony to every Christian out there ( who is new to this group and still trying to decided the truth) – Yah is trying to speak to you, he always has, you just have to listen and beg to understand him and he will answer! Ask him to show you what he wants to show you- and he will! He took me on a long journey that got me to the right people! He will you too! He started out showing me things like the pagan ritual that is found in the Christian faith, the translation of the name meaning Greek gods and so much more until it all came together to the truth. If you really want it he will know and he will provide! Shabbat Shalom everyone! And thank you for allowing me to be part of this new family of friends of Yah! – Lisa Savoie-Banet!