Mattityahu 15:24 
In this verse, Y’shua refers to The House of Yisra’el as ‘lost sheep’; they are none other than the lost 10 tribes of Melech Davids’ Kingdom, which are now out in the Goyim and so assimilated that they can not be recognized as Yisra’elites. In effect, they are Goyim. Even so, a drop of Yisra’elite blood courses through their veins, a part of their DNA speaks to what tribe they are from. When HaRuach Elohim calls to that blood, or speaks to that DNA, they will return. Making t’shuvah they will come back to HaTorah that they have departed from so long ago. Elohim knows who they are and what Tribe they belong too. At the Reunification of All Yisra’el, when Beit Yisra’el and Beit Y’hudah are reunited in the Hands of YHVH, the prophecy of the two sticks of EZ. 37:15-28 will be completed, and the lost sheep of Mattityahu 15:24 will be found! What a time that will be, and it has already begun! Baruch HaShem YHVH!