I praise you Father and exalt Your Holy Name above and beyond all others. Your Righteousness is from everlasting to everlasting, and Your unmerited mercy is forever. Your Might and Power can be seen throughout all of Your Creation, and it is awesome for me to behold! Your Love is as deep as the deepest and as high as the highest, it soars with the Spirit and fills my soul! Kindness and Goodness light upon my welcoming heart, as I come to you in thankfulness for This Sacred Day that you have made.

By setting the Seventh Day apart from the others, and calling it Holy, You have so generously given me a refuge for my weary soul, an island in time. The Spirit you send to me on this day brings with it a great joy and peace that passes all understanding. It draws me to seek You and The Light of Your Word, It feeds and fills me with The Bread of Life, and quenches my thirst with The Living Water.

I pray for nothing more than to be called Your servant; You who are my King and my Salvation. Teach me Your ways through the Words of Your Torah, as you cause me to walk in Your Paths of Righteousness.

I do not fear what man can do, but I fear you Father; the One who holds the keys to Life and death. Have mercy on me I pray as I prostrate myself before You; as I offer the little I have upon Your altar, and pray that it will be found to be a worthy and acceptable sacrifice in Your Tents of Righteousness.

May you come quickly to save and deliver; as you bring Your Judgments upon the earth and the evil one who is the origin of sin, pain, and death. Bless all those who bless You, and curse all those who curse You.

Thank You for my lot in this life, as I look forward with great eagerness and anticipation toward the one to come. May I be allowed to see the promise of a Jerusalem made new again in my day; and as it is in Your Will, My Master, and My King!